BirthdayScanner X 2.4.3 released

This update contains the new dutch localization (thanks to Eric van der Veldt) plus a number of smaller changes. See the Change Log for more details.


BirthdayScanner X 2.4.2 released

Again, a small update. It contains the new french localization, courtesy of Michel Piquemal, and some small fixes. See the Change Log for details.



BirthdayScanner X 2.4.1 released

This is a small update. It contains the new italian localization and a small number of little improvements. See the Change Log for details.


Oh, and Merry Christmas to all of you! :-)


BirthdayScanner X 2.4.0 released

This is a new major release containing many new features and fixes. For details, see: Change Log.

You can download it here.


BirthdayScanner X 2.3.2 released

This is a small update fixing a bug in Snow Leopard which would lead to double entries in iCal.

You can download it here.


BirthdayScanner X got 5 stars from

... among other good ratings from lesser known sites. :-)

5 stars at


Double Entries in Snow Leopard

Hi all,

There is a glitch in BirthdayScanner X under Snow Leopard: BirthdayScanner X will produce double entries if you tell it to include the years ($years) in the event title.

So, I am aware of it and working on a fix.

In the meantime there is a really easy workaround:

just avoid event titles with years in them, use the “without years” variants.

Note that this problem only occurs on Snow Leopard; Leopard is fine.


BirthdayScanner X: 2.3.1 released

BirthdayScanner 2.3.1 is ready and can be downloaded.

It contains many improvements, mainly based on user requests. See the release notes for details.

I also added a new FAQ section.


Home again and polishing 2.3.1 ..

just a short update. Got home again from a nice relaxing vacation and now I’m zooming in to the upcoming release 2.3.1.

That release will have a number of new features and fixes, mostly driven by your user feedback. Thanks to all of you for that.

Biggest improvement to 2.2.2 are the new Dates table dialog, which allows filtering and sorting. Also, the event titles are now fully customizable.


BirthdayScanner X: 2.3b on MacUpdate

Hi all,

the Beta version 2.3b somehow found its way onto I guess now it spreads like a wildfire. This was not intended by me, but here we are.

So just to clarify: “2.3b” is the Beta of the upcoming v2.3.0 (actually the current Release Candidate). It should work fine, but there may be still some rough edges. Especially german localization is still a bit lacking.

The last stable version is 2.2.2.

Now I am off to vacation. I’ll be back in three weeks, and I won’t be able to answer mail until then.


BirthdayScanner X: 2.3.0 beta available

BirthdayScanner X Version 2.3.0 is almost finished.

It contains a number of improvements to the UI, especially a totally revamped Contact List and the ability to specify how the event text should look like.

A Beta Version is available, you can download it here. If you want to help, I’d be glad to receive your feedback.


BirthdayScanner X: work starts on next rls

I’m now starting to work on the next release (2.3). New features include more control of how entries look like (e.g. most ppl don’t care for the company name in the event text); the possibility to sort the list-of-contacts; the possibility to filter the list of contacts by Addressbook contact group. If you miss another feature and really want it in the next release, drop a note.


BirthdayScanner X 2.2.2 released

Get it here .

This is another maintenance release fixing 2 bugs and adding 2 features:


New Features:

Known bug: Automatic update to version 2.2.2 will not work for versions 2.2.1 and 2.2.0. This is because I screwed up the public signature keys sent out with these two older versions. So, you will have to download version 2.2.2 from this website manually. Sorry for that.


BirthdayScanner X: Help with localizations wanted

Hi everyone,

just looked into the spanish localization and it looks a bit cheesy to me, but then, I am not a native spanish speaker. So, if you’d like to give me a hand with that or any other localization, drop me a note.


BirthdayScannerX: New Issues/development tracking page

A number of bug reports and feature requests came in; I added a page to track issues and future development.


BirthdayScanner X 2.2.1 released

This is a small maintenance release which fixes a crash when importing into a calendar with pre-existing events.

Note that Auto-Update from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1 is broken right now, so please use the download link here.


BirthdayScanner X 2.2.0 released

I just released version 2.2.0 of the BirthdayScanner X.

I mainly rewrote the import to iCal completely using new APIs on Leopard. Unfortunately this also means that Tiger is not longer supported. The old version is still available though for download, and that one still works on Tiger.

New Features:

Bugs fixed:


BirthdayScanner X: Duplicate Entries Problem

Hi all,

I got a number of questions about the “Duplicate Entries” problem in BirthdayScanner X.

Here is what happens:

When scanning the Address Book repeatedly - e.g. to add new birthdays to the calendar you just added to Address Book - BirthdayScanner X will not only add the new events but also all the old events which are already in iCal. So in iCal, you will see multiple events for the same birthday.

I admit that is very annoying, and I am going to fix this.

However, in the meantime I can offer you two workarounds:

Sorry for this inconvenience. I will fix this in a future version.